When to Start Using “Supplements”

Pavel asks:

Hi, Vlad! I’ve been training naturally for 3 years. I am 5’11, 190 lb with 8% bodyfat. Do you think it is time to start taking some “supplements”?

Hello Pavel! It depends what your goal is. If  you don’t have competition plans, it is possible to look great without “supplements.” No matter what your goals are, and whether you eventually take “supplements” — you still need a solid 4-5 years of training naturally before you should even consider taking something.

Nowadays, many people want to look good and muscular overnight. But I think it’s a very risky approach. Meticulous consideration to diet, training, and your health should absolutely come first — and only after you’ve consistently dedicated yourself to these  things for a few years, should you even be thinking about “supplementation.” That’s the way to go. That’s my 2 cents.

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